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Eyelashes extension

Natrual Look Tray Lashes extension, adding that ultimate finishing touch to your eyes. Lashes extension are easy to apply, comfortable to wear and re-usable. Tray Lashes are 100% handmade and looked very natural. Colors' eyelashes are able to make women more attractive.

Silk Lash

The synthetic fiber lashes extension is thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top, and are made to look natural and full. With these types of synthetic lashes, you can sleep with them on, swim, sunbathe and play sports.

Real Mink Lash

Real mink eyelashes extension is made with top quality 100% siberian fur mink which enjoyed the high-end customers'demand worldwide.

Rainbow Lash

Rainbow Lashes extension is now available in 7 popular colors. Be creative, have some fun and go for the WOW factor.

Mixed colors Lash

The mixed colors lashes are the newest style on the market.We put the different colors together in one row,at first that's a difficulty for the workers to make the lashes beautiful and perfect the same as normal color lashes,but we did more exercises and now best workers in the world can produce this lashes expertly!

Two tone Lash

Two-tone lashes extension is perfect for everyday use because they are not too vibrant, you can do an entire set of extensions with two toned or use for accent color.

Bulk Lash

These loose lashes are soft, flexible and contain special micropore fibers that aide in bonding extensions to natural lashes instantly.

Flare Lash

These Flare lashes will give your clients the full looking eyelashes they desire. These lashes are made with a highest quality Synthetic Silk lashes. They can be applied for both a natural and a more dramatic look.

Y Lash

Y Shape Lash Extension is the rapid lash extension. This lashes will help to create the customer's styles rapidly. It will get the dense efforts.

W Lash

W Shape Eyelash Extension is the rapid lash extension,which can help to create the styles fast. The extension can get the dense efforts. It's the permament make up lash extension.
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